Hi mums and dads, we are very sorry.

We know many of you, like ourselves, were very excited for the Super Toki and Sweet Victory launch yesterday. Many of you took half day off or shifted your plans just to make it for the launch at 4pm. We know how much this means to you.

It is with extreme apologies that we write this message to ask for your forgiveness for our situation of overselling. I know many of you were counting on us for your JuJuBe and I am sorry that we let you down.

We assure all of those affected will receive a refund as soon as possible.

We are a family-run business, a relatively lean team. With each and every JuJuBe launch, we are challenged to do our best, and there are always countless lessons to learn from each round.

For previous launches, due to the traffic load, it was inevitable that some customers would experience lag, or some could not even load their browsers fast enough. We know FFF is a very time sensitive mission.

We predicted that this Super Toki and Sweet Victory launch would be a massive one. The prints are irresistible. We fell in love with it ourselves. Weeks before launch, we sat down with our developers and sought even more ways to prevent previous issues faced by some customers. When 4pm struck, we were ecstatic that our website stood strong(er) against the traffic surge this launch. We had an unprecedented 10,000 site visits within the hour.

But what we did not expect was this - Ironically as the site stayed up, we faced unexpected system error that even our developers were baffled by - orders came in despite insufficient inventory. We even found out for the first time that our email servers had a limit and resulted in some customers were not receiving their confirmation emails, causing them to make duplicate orders/payment.

That being said, rest assured that all your order and payments are secure at they all go through Paypal or bank/atm transfer, which are highly secure networks.

As 4pm struck, we started working on packing the orders that came in by timestamp (*edited*: there was a deviation due to verification of payment needed for BT). We started answering emails and fb messages. We would aim to work at the speed of lightning. We always want our customers to get their items as soon as possible. As soon as we were aware of our overselling, we immediately deactivated the ability to place orders on the affected SKUs. However, we still ended up overselling. It was a scary situation, but one we had to face up to.

These are the SKUs that are oversold - 
SUPER TOKI: be set, be light, minibe, hobobe, super be, paci pod, fuel cell, be quick
SWEET VICTORY: minibe, fuel cell

1) Due to the situation of overselling, we can only fulfill orders by timestamp. For the later orders that have been paid by either paypal or bank transfer - If we do not have sufficient stock to fulfill your order, we will be contacting you via email for your refund. We are deeply sorry about this. We will do our best to make it right.

2) If you opted bank transfer and have not made payment for your order - If your order includes any of the above SKUs, kindly withhold payment for now.

3) We seek your kind understanding and patience to await our emails, as emails are more systematic as compared to Facebook comments. We are going through all orders and emails by timestamp and we promise that we will get to yours.

Rest assured that we will attend to each and every single order. We are working on it as we speak, and will work through the night to do so.

We again apologize for the upset and inconvenience that this has caused you. We hope that you can forgive us, and give us another chance to serve you better.

We founded Agape Babies on the principal to make the lives of moms and dads easier and happier. I am sorry that we failed to do that yesterday. We promise to rectify the issue and keep working hard to improve from here on. We won’t stop doing so.

With love, 
16 Feb 2017