[5 Pack] Bon Chance Bread Crsips Onion And Sour Cream 120G

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Although the name may seem pungent, the content of BON CHANCE baked bread crisps packet with sour cream and onions may surprise you. Naturally seasoned bread is without taste and odour enhancers, so those who like genuine taste will feel the difference right away!

Ingredients: rye-wheat bread 61.5% (rye flour, wheat flour, wheat fibers, sugar, vegetable oil (rape seed), yeast, salt, caraway), vegetable oil (rape seed), seasoning mix 5.5% (whey powder (from milk) 1.4%, salt, barley fiber 0.6%, lactose, onion powder 0.5%, sugar, protein hydrolysates (contains soy), maltodextrin, acidity regulators (Lactic acid, Citric acid), parsley 0.08%, spices, yeast extract, flavourings), water.

Nutritional value 100 g:

Energy 2048kJ/492kcal
fat (of which saturates) 28 g (1,5 g)
carbohydrate (of which sugars) 46,8 g (11,3 g)
fibre 12,8 g
protein 6,7 g
salt 2,5 g
Information about allergens contains gluten, may contain traces of mustard

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