[6-Pack] Pigeon Retort Baby Food Fish & Veg Casserole 100G Exp: 08/22

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Contains 12 kinds of vegetables that make up the required 40g in one serving. No food colouring, preservatives or flavouring agents. Based on dietitian’s recipe. Soft and easy on baby’s gums. Umami-filled stew with plenty of seafood and vegetables.

INGREDIENTS – Water, cabbage, carrot onion, potato, processed sardines (sardine, onion, potato starch, dried egg yolk, ginger, sugar, salt), konjac, Corn, Thickener, Chinese cabbage, Radish, Shiitake mushroom, Pumpkin, Bonito stock, Soy sauce, Fish sauce, Edamame, Burdock, Green pepper, Celery, Noodles made from beans, Yeast extract, Salt, Ginger extract, Calcium hydroxide

HOW TO USE – Pre-cooked and ready to eat. Please transfer it to a bowl and enjoy eating.

Warming with hot water: Place unopened pouch into pre-boiled hot water for 1-2 minutes. Remove pouch from hot water after 1-2min. Insert a utensil into the hole on the corner of the pouch to assist with removal. Open the pouch from the notch, transfer to a bowl, stir gently and enjoy eating.
Heating in the microwave: Estimate heating time is 10-20 seconds at 500W. transfer the food into a microwave-safe container, cover the microwave compatible wrap and heat it up. After heating, stir lightly and enjoy eating.

Note: Be aware that heated sauce may spill out when removing the wrap. Do not use the auto function of the microwave.

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