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Babyhome Emotion Travel Bag is designed to fit your Emotion stroller tightly and securely, the Travel Bag prevents scratches and other malladies of stroller travel. The Emotion Travel Bag zips onto your collapsed stroller with ease, leaving only the back wheels exposed so you can roll it along behind you on your journey.

With two top handles and two side handles for lifting, and a pair of backpack straps for hands-free carry, the Travel Bag offers several carrying options to make travelling easier. The material is durable 100% nylon, strong enough to withstand all the hazards of road trips, air travel, and more. Protect your beloved Emotion stroller on the go with the brilliant practicality of the Emotion Travel Bag.

Benefits and Features:

  • PROTECTS YOUR STROLLER ON THE ROAD: Parents who travel a lot will love having the Travel Bag at their side to protect their Emotion stroller. The Travel Bag covers your whole stroller so it won't get scratched as you load it into your car or carry it onto a plane.

  • DURABLE AND STRONG: Made from 100% nylon, the Emotion Travel Bag is durable and guaranteed to keep your stroller protected from scratches and other damage. It's especially great for air travel, keeping your stroller safe throughout the whole journey.

  • ZIPS ON EASILY: The Emotion Travel Bag zips onto your stroller with ease for a tight and secure fit. The bag covers the front wheels of your stroller and fastens near the back wheels, leaving them exposed so you can roll your stroller behind you.

  • MULTIPLE CARRY OPTIONS: With two top handles and two side handles for lifting, and two backpack straps for hands-free carrying, the Emotion Travel Bag makes stroller transportation a breeze.

  • LEAVES WHEELS EXPOSED FOR EASY ROLLING: The Emotion Travel Bag covers the entire stroller, but leaves the back wheels exposed so you can roll it along as you make your way to the car or rush to catch a plane.

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