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Candide Air+ Plus Ergonomic Baby Wedge is a positioning roller pillow designed to provide an ideal position for sleeping and lying down for the baby from birth to 6 months. This ergonomic rollers allow positioning of the baby. It restricts baby's movements and prevents baby from rolling over or pushing away the pillow.


  • The latest research on infant sleep shows that the position on the back is the best.
  • The ergonomic baby wedge has been developed to ensure a good sleeping position and provide a real freedom of movement for toddlers.
  • Its beveled shape adapts to the baby's natural position during sleep.
  • It allows him to position his arms and legs comfortably while keeping him in the dorsal position.
  • Adjustable with its gripping band, the ergonomic baby wedge adapts to the baby's morphology
  • The baby may lie on her back or side. The rollers stabilize the child's position and are attached to a soft band base underneath.
  • The base is a very comfortable thin protective pad made of soft and breathable material with 3D mesh, between which the air flows and prevents baby from sweating
  • The rollers can be adjusted with Velcro fastener easily and quickly to fit the body of the child.
  • Their shape allows the movement of hands and feet.
  • With this rollers, children have their arms positioned high and therefore prevents their arms from getting trapped under their own body.
  • The tapered angular shape of the rollers also allows the hands to be at a lower level than the baby's shoulders.

Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 7cm


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