Designskin Cake Sofa Plus - Rose Beige + Mint Grey (Type C)

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Designskin Cake Sofa Plus

New version of Designskin Cake Sofa Plus is tested with antibacterial features and comes in 4 mixed pastel colours! Its default form is a high-quality sofa but once flipped over, it becomes a desk. It has a peek-through window when put it upright. Suitable for infants, boys, and girls ages 2 months and over. Materials are 80% Inner Castella Block and 20% Top PU Memory Fabric. Made in Korea.

• Antibacterial & easy care fabric

• Transforms into a sofa, desk, window and various other structures and shapes

• Non-toxic, harmless, soft materials

• Noise reduction and sound proofing

• Easy storage & lightweight

• Hidden zipper & rounded corners

• For ages 2+ months

• Product Dimensions: 52 x 36 x 35cm

• Product Weight: 3.6kg

• Materials are 80% Inner Castella Block and 20% Top PU Memory Fabric

• 4 pastel colours:
(A) Ash Grey + Rose Beige,
(B) Ash Grey + Mint Grey,
(C) Rose Beige + Mint Grey,
(D) Mint Grey + Ash Grey

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