Imani i2+ Electrical Breast Pump (Clear Cup) - One Pair (1 Year Local Warranty)

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Imani i2+ Handsfree Double Electric Breast Pump is a new and improved version of our favourite i2 breast pump. It i2+ breast pump now comes with an additional LCD screen that allows mummies to track how long they have pumped (timer), the mode they are on (massage/expression), levels of intensity (level 1 to 5) and also battery life! - Making it easier and convenient for mummies to breast pump. Like the Imani i2, i2+ also has a compact handsfree design breast pump that gives you the convenience to discreetly pump anytime and anywhere. It also comes with clear Tritan cups and soft, silicone funnel. No more audible whooshing sound to hear. It is small enough to be worn under your bra to pump. Very compact and all-in-one design. Perfect for returning to work mummies to pump at your work desk!

Care: Suitable for UV sterilization or boil (no more than 30s). Do not place inside the steam sterilizer or any damage caused will not be covered by warranty.

  • New i2+ comes with addition LCD screen
  • LCD indicator tracking of pumping time, a mode they are on, levels of intensity and battery life
  • One breast pump unit for single side pumping
  • Clear, transparent cups made from Tritan, and soft, silicone breast flanges, tip cap to close the pouring hole to prevent milk spillage
  • Breast pump consists of a compact motor unit, flange and cup to contain breast milk.
  • Super compact, pump unit fits in one hand
  • Handsfree - wear under your bra and keep both hands free
  • Handsfree cup collects up to 7 oz.
  • Hassle free with no tubes
  • Cup with volume markings and a large hole for pouring milk
  • Intuitive UI (Easy to use)
  • 2 modes: Massage and expression (5 levels per mode)
  • Auto shutoff in 20 minutes by default - adjust shutoff timing to 10mins to 40mins
  • History save function
  • Small and light device (160g)
  • Backflow protector
  • Comes with 28 mm breast shield and a 25mm insert
  • Type C USB charging port
  • Compatible with i2+ charging dock (sold separately)
  • Made in Korea

This product comes with 28 mm breast shield and a 25mm insert that can decrease 28mm size to 25mm.

  • 19mm and 21mm inserts are also available separately.
  • 32mm breast shield for larger nipple sizes is also available separately.

1 year local warranty for breastpump or DOB of Baby - Please note that the date of purchase and DOB of baby cannot be more than 6 months.

Imani i2+ Handsfree Single Electric Breast Pump (Double)


What's Included:

  • 2 x Electrical Breast Pump Motor
  • 2 x Breast milk collector cup (7 Oz, 200ml)
  • 2 x 25mm insert
  • 2 x Funnel 28mm
  • 2 x Valve
  • 2 x Protector
  • 2 x Connector

*Spare breast pump parts can be purchased.

*Video below may feature other accessories (e.g. charging dock, white handsfree cap, milk storage bag, etc) that are not included. Refer to the content list above for what is included.

Intuitive and functions makes it easy to use
LCD screen indicators are efficient and convenient for moms
2 modes: Massage and expression (5 levels)
Memory function: automatically saves and starts at your last used settings

Small and light device (160g)

Backflow protector prevents milk flowing into the pump motor

i2+ pump is connected directly to the handsfree cup, i.e. no tubes needed.
Integrated handsfree cup allows breastmilk to be pumped directly into the cup.

Totally Hands-Free. Wear under your bra

Rechargeable battery
Type C USB charging port
Portable breast pump - charge at home and bring out to pump on-the-go!
Compatible with charging docks that can act as storage
Charging docks NOT included.

Cup with volume markings and large hole for pouring milk.

Technical Specification

  • Memory Function: Yes
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • With backflow prevention design: Yes
  • Modes: 2 (Massage, Express)
  • Cup: Tritan
  • Breastshield: Silicone
  • Default flange included: 28mm
  • Default insert included: 25mm
  • Running time: approx 2.5 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Auto-shutoff (in minutes): 20 minutes
  • Digital LCD display: Yes
  • Suction strength (mmhg): max at 300mmhg
  • Battery (mAh): 1400mAh
  • Main pump weight: 160g
  • Charging cable: USB-C

*Do not use cables other than the original pump cable to charge as it may damage the pump. Warranty will be voided if pump damage is due to unsuitable cable used.

Product Specification

i2+ Body
Size : W80mm x L65mm x H60mm
Weight : 160g

Handsfree Cup (Clear)
Height : 69mm
Funnel diameter (mouth) : 109mm
Capacity: 7 Oz, 200ml

Duration : about 3h
Charging Time : about 2h 30m

Care Instruction

  • Suitable for UV sterilization and Boiling (no longer than 30 sec).
  • Please DO NOT steam sterilize.
  • Any damage cause will not be covered by warranty.

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