KodKod International Games Hit The Hat Express

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This attractive game KodKod International Games Hit The Hat Express, will help your little one develop quick thinking and visual perception skills while offering hours of fun as they race against each other in matching the shape, background color, or pattern of the hat found on the top card in the central game stacks. Comes in a colorful box measuring 5 x 2 x 6 inches. Exciting and educational, this game would make a great gift for any child!

Benefits and Features:

  • Roll the dice and race to be the first to "slam" the hat that matches the pattern, color and shape shown on the dice.
  • Learn to be quick, practise hand-eye-brain coordination and race against family and friends.
  • Offers many variations (type, pattern and border of hat) to ensure never a moment of dullness!
  • Makes a fun and educational gift for your little one - and your whole family!
  • Safe for child age 5 and above.


60 cards, 36 hats, 4 slammers, 3 dice, 20 chips

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