Lucky Baby Nest™ Portable Co-Sleeper - Grey

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Lucky Baby Nest™ Portable Co-Sleeper - Grey

For a little baby it is a great transition; from mom's abdomen suddenly sleeping in an empty cot. To give your child a sense of security, a baby nest is a very good idea. A baby nest is perfect for newborn baby, especially in the first few months. Your baby is very small and a crib is still very big. The baby nest is like the abdomen soft and narrow. This gives your baby a feeling of safety. You can put in the baby nest between you in your bed. You can always keep eye contact with your baby. The soft edges of the baby nest are especiallly designed for this purpose and are not too high. Or just put the baby nest in the crib or bed. So your child can learn to sleep in its own bed right away. Without having to lie awake, because a large bed is so incredibly exciting.




  • Your child will feel comfortable and safe in our soft baby nest. Such a co-sleeping crib will allow your baby to have deep and nice sleep as little ones love the imitation of a stay in the mother’s womb. It helps with common newborn sleep issues like wanting to sleep in a parent’s arms or frequent waking.


  • Use the baby nest as a bassinet for a bed, side sleeper, travel bed, newborn pillow, co sleeping bed, changing station or move it around the house for lounging or tummy time, making baby feel more secure and cozy. The lightweight design and easy-to-use package with handle make our sleep positioner a portable baby must-have.
  • All materials used are of the highest quality
  • Adjustable safe buckle - Lengthen space and grow with your baby
  • Removable cover with zipper for more convenient to clean
  • Portable handle, easy ti carry

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