Lucky Baby Snappi Baby Chair with Tray - Blue

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Lucky Baby Snappi Baby Chair with Tray - Blue

"Perfect for allowing mothers the use of both hands during feeding and playtime, whilst simultaneously allowing baby to have improved breathing control and digestion"

  • MOULDS to a baby’s UNIQUE SHAPE
  • Seeing the world from an upright position
  • Your baby’s first taste of independence
  • Includes a FREE user friendly CLICK ON TRAY!

At what age can a baby start using the baby chair?

  • Most babies are able to support their heads on their own from 8 weeks and onwards.
  • Use only when babies are fully able to support their own head all by themselves.
  • It is important that anyone who uses the baby chair first read all warnings and instructions before making use of this product with a baby.

What are some advantages of using the baby chair?

  • Seeing the world from an upright position encourages a baby’s learning, satisfies their curious nature and helps them discover the world.
  • Once babies are strong enough to start using the baby chair, they will be able to engage with world around them. they may want to reach out, so never leave your baby unattended.
  • Parents and caregivers should always consult a general practitioner or physician if babies have a medical condition before using the baby chair.

Where can I use the baby chair?

  • The best place to position the baby chair is on the floor or flat surface (preferably on a carpet or soft mat) away from sharp or hard objects, furniture, power cables or any other object that might be harmful to a baby.
  • Never use on raised or uneven surfaces and never use in the car or swimming pool.

Caring for your baby chair?

  • The baby chair and its accessories are made from durable, non-toxic materials that can easily be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water, then wiped dry with a soft dry cloth.

IMPORTANT: Never leave a baby unattended

Please remember that the baby chair is not designed to be entirely restrictive. Depending on their size, maneuverability and development some babies maybe able to remove themselves from the baby chair.

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