Pigeon Electric Breastpump Pro (15months Local Warranty)

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Single Electric breast-pump with customised pumping options.

  • Comes in regular flange 23mm.
  • Comfort ProperFit™ Soft Silicone Cushion provides secured seal and comfortable fit for more efficient pumping
  • 2 Phase Technology – Stimulation and Expression modes: Stimulation mode gently stimulates the breast to initiate milk flow and Expression mode to maximize milk flow
  • Customizable Pumping Style: 7 adjustable suction levels with 4 adjustable suction speed to choose from
  • LED monitor: Easy to use and view
  • No backflow feature: Hygienic design to prevent milk from flowing back to the funnel
  • Secured bottle stand to prevent spills
  • Comes in a G plug type

What’s in the package:

Product Quantity
Main Body 1
Main Body Cap 1
Comfort ProperFit™ flange 1
Flange 1
Tube 1
Tube Connector 1
Cap 1
Hood 1
Sealing Disc 1
Bottle (Wide Neck) 1
Bottle Stand 1
Soft Cup 1
Milk Valves 3
SofTouch Nipple 1
Motor Pump Unit 1
AC Adapter 1

How to sterilize the product:
Sterilization Method : Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical

Be sure to sterilize before every use.

Part Material Heat Resistance
Main body / Flange /Main body cap /
Bottle stand / Hood / Cap
Polypropylene 120°C
Bottle Polypropylene 110°C
Comfort ProperFit™ flange /
Soft cup / Tube / Milk valves/
Nipple / Sealing disc
Silicone Rubber 120°C
Tube Connector ABS resin





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