Plane Pal Pram Pal Large (Black)

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This clever pram protector ensures the your Child's pram arrives at your destination, dry, clean, undamaged and in one piece. After all, prams are one fo the biggest investments parents make when it comes to baby gear and yet it's one of the most commonly lost or damaged items when travelling as a family.

Pram Pal™ is robust! Made from high quality water proof nylon it will take just bout anything your travels can throw at it.

Pram Pal™ comes in 2 sizes: Large for double prams or wide base prams and Regular from narrower prams, strollers and cots.

So stop handing your pram over at the gate unprotected, protect your pram with a Pram Pal™. NO more wet, dirty, damaged prams on our watch!

Very light colours may rub and transfer the black from the inside of the brag. This is a very rare occurrence but it is possible. If you have a very light coloured pram please take this into account and wrap the lighter shades in either plastic or fabric to avoid colour transfer.

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