Yumbox Panino 4C Misty Aqua - Rainbow

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4-compartment Yumbox Panino is your lunch time go-to for kids of all ages and adults.
Pack a sandwich (crusts on), salads, sides and snacks. Yumbox Panino is holds more food than Yumbox Original for growing kids and adults. Prepare balanced healthy meals in minutes!

• One 2 cup + two 1/2 cup portions + dip
• 22cm x 15cm x 5cm
• Outer box: ABS
• Tray: Tritan
• Seal: Silicone
• Weight: 1lb 1.5oz
• Intended age for use: Toddler to age 8
• Fits standard size lunch totes
• Made in China."

• Rainbow 4C in-tray
• Weight: 1lb 1.5oz
• Volume: 733ml
• Misty Aqua

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