Baby Dan Airlux Mattress (60x120 Cm)

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Baby Dan Airlux Mattress is produced with foams where the top layer is memory foam, so the child will have maximum comfort while sleeping.

The perfect mattress for parent that want to give their child the best start in life with a good night's sleep.

Memory foam is a super quality product, because the mattress absorbs body weight so that pressure points are avoided. This reduces the need for the child to toss and turn during the sleep. Memory foam makes the mattress molds to the exact child's body shape and position.

Baby Dan - Madras Airlux memory foam function so the neck, back, shoulders and legs of the child achieves the best support, so the entire body is supported in the correct anatomical position. Especially the spine will lie in a natural sleeping position with memory foam.

Also many children get warm when they sleep, so the mattress further equipped with ventilation holes and air ducts that is heat conductor.

  • Mattress top: Memory foam
  • Supports anatomically correct position
  • Ventilation holes and air ducts that conducts heat away
  • PU foams with densities of 21 kg / m3
  • Removable cover (washable)
  • Recommended mattress aired frequently

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