Hello there! Welcome to Agape Babies! :) 

When I started expecting my little one in 2008, it was the experience of a lifetime. I wanted the best & safest products for my baby, but unfortunately I couldn't find a wide range online. And that's how Agape Babies was born in 2009. 

Agape means unconditional love (Greek origin; 1600-10), which is the motto that I believe all mummies in the world live by to their little bundles of joy. At our store, we want all our products to live by that as well. 

Agape Babies retails premium & authentic brands of baby products. Today, we are proud to carry over 250 brands and over 5000 products in our humble store. Thanks to the support of our fans & customers, we have expanded our range to include skincare, carriers, organic baby food and many more! We place a lot of focus on getting in the most popular brands, the ones that mummies can't stop raving about. We ensure to price our products reasonably too! 

We promise more stores, more popular brands & more wonderful products as we go...! 

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries. We warmly welcome any innovative ideas or suggestions you may have. 
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With Love,
Agape Babies 

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