Baby Dan Configure System Safety Gate XXL White

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The BabyDan Flex XXL Room Divider is great to corner off or separate larger areas to keep your child in a safe play area or stop them from reaching off-limit areas. The room divider is great for larger and irregular spaces and can also be configured into a playpen. Made up of four 72 cm (28.4") panels and one 72 cm (28.4") gate panel, this XXL room divider can fit openings of 90 cm to 360 cm (35.4" - 138") and can be extended to fit wider spaces with additional panels and gate panels being bought separately.This XXL room divider provides parents with more space and an easier walk through due to the extra wide doorway and one handed operation. Extra gate panels can also be bought separately so you can have more than one opening to the room divider. An additional 4cm-5cm (1.6" - 2") will be added to the overall width if mounted at a right angle to the wall with a wall mounting kit.

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