Gigo Teaching Aid Number Sticks (250 Pieces)

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Bright colors and easy to manage pieces are ideal for children to learn about colors, lengths, scale and proportion. The number sticks have many different combinations and permutations that promote extended play and learning. Children will also be able to learn about classification, sorting, and symmetry.

Numerical values shown on the number sticks of different lengths can also be used to teach basic mathematical operation principles. Not only is the learning process easy and fun, but it can also develop creativity, a sense of aesthetics, and organizational skills.

250 pcs per set
one x 100 pcs in white
two x 30 pcs in red
three x 20 pcs in grey
four x 20 pcs in pink
five x 20 pcs in yellow
six x 15 pcs in green
seven x 12 pcs in black
eight x 12 pcs in brown
nine x 11 pcs in blue
ten x 10 pcs in orange
Activity card x 5 pcs

● Develops counting, sorting, sequencing, graphing, patterning, measuring and basic mathematics.
● Each unit is 1 cm. The number sticks (from 1 to 10 cm) are represented in different colors.

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