Gigo Teaching Aid Plastic Beads (311 Pieces)

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This product uses beads of six colors and three shapes to promote color recognition, muscle development, hand-eye coordination and sorting abilities. The set contains five double-sided cards for basic teaching activities. Perform classification exercises to help children distinguish beads of different colors and shapes, then encourage sorting by following some simple patterns to train imitation, pattern recognition and symmetry.

Develop the projects further by asking children to thread beads under various restrictions, such as only beads of a certain shape, or only beads of two colors and two shapes. Activity cards also encourage simple contests and games so children can have fun playing with families or classmates.

311 pcs per set
Bead (in 3 shapes and in 6 colors) x 300 pcs
– Square bead x 100 pcs [Gx17, Yx17, Px17, Bx17, Rx16, Ox16]
– Cylinder bead x 100 pcs [Gx17, Yx17, Px17, Bx17, Rx16, Ox16]
– Round bead x 100 pcs [Gx17, Yx17, Px17, Bx17, Rx16, Ox16]
Colored lace x 6 pcs
Activity card x 5 pcs
Packed in a plastic lockable box

● Develop eye-hand coordination skills.
● Improve recognition of shapes and color identification.
● Understand basic concepts of counting, sequencing and sorting.

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