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This XXL UV-C Light Sterilising Box has an incredible large space and big enough to allow you to sanitise smartphones, lots more household items or all kinds of items that you might carry around with you in your day-to-day life and may worry might carry germs (e.g., textiles, beauty tools, plastic products, electronic products, ceramics and metal products). At 21.4 cm long by 13.2 cm width and 13.1 cm deep, this foldable sterilising box can accommodate even larger items. It has 4 powerful UV-C LED lights located at the lip that bathes all items inside with direct germ-killing light for complete UV-C sterilisation in just an 8 minutes cycle. Lightweight, portable, travel-size ready and the foldable design allows it to be folded to nearly flat when not in use and (after folded, it is only 1/8 of its extended size) and fits into most travel bag for ease of storage, making it an amazing essential for removing germs or eliminating germs from different items such as earphones, watches, toys, makeup brushes, puff sponges, eyeglasses, keys, jewellery, clothes, toiletries, personal small items, child’s toys, gloves. It is easy to take with you wherever you go, at home, or in the hotel.

The design of the ultraviolet generator chip adopts a 120-degree angle irradiation method, which can effectively cover and sterilise the inner corners of the sterilisation box without dead corners and ensure items get light from all sides. In addition, it is large enough to fit slightly larger electronics, such as a game controller such as Switch.


  • Large sterilisation chamber gives you plenty of space to clean lots of items and accommodates a wide range of large items all over the house at once
  • 4 UV-C LEDs in the lid features a reflective interior on 6 sides that magnifies the UV light and completely surround your items with UV-lights thus providing 360 degree all-around sterilisation without the need to turn or reposition the items you put inside it
  • This cabinet is approximately 21.4 cm long by 13.2 cm width and 13.1 cm deep, in size
  • Foldable - Can be folded it and compressed to 1/5 of original size smaller size , so you can take this when you travel
  • Tested by independent third-party test results, 99.99% germs were killed in 8 minutes.
  • Clean your smartphones, personal belongings or anything you want within 8 minutes
  • Sanitise your personal items when you walk in the door
  • Eye protection and automatic shut off function – the lights will shut down automatically if the lid is opened to protect your eyes
  • Safety protection: over-current, automatic protection, circuit design
  • LED UV LAMP – Features a light life of 100,000 hours service life, non-chemical
  • It comes with one adjustable smartphone platform to ensure your phone is thoroughly cleaned through the deep sterilisation
  • Sterilise your make up accessories, portable electronic devices, remote, clothes
  • Press and hold the sterilising on/off button for 3 seconds, you can use it to sanitised for 8 minutes. Protect yourself and stay healthy. UV light sanitiser kills germs with a 360 degree all-round disinfection. Short press clean switch to start sterilising, Machine will stop automatically after 8 minutes
  • The perfect gift for the elderly, and other friends or relatives who are likely to be germ conscious.
  • Low power consumption to minimise your electricity use

Cautions: Make sure the zipper tab is on the magnet part when closing because it is magnetic and it has to be attached to this specific spot on the bag to allow it to function (safety feature). If that zipper falls off and gets lost the UV-C box will basically become non-functioning.

How to use

  1. Unzip and open the zipper; Extend the sterilise box into a rectangular steriliser box
  2. Connect the cable to the type-C input port of the UV-C Sterilising Box; Connect the other end to the external USB power source or AC adaptor (5VDC, 2A is required)
  3. Put your personal items in the steriliser box (the UV-C light are located at the top of the cover)
  4. Press and hold the sterilising button for 3 seconds to start-up the 8 minutes sterilisation cycle with different phases of sterilisation programs
  5. The device will firstly go into the first phase of the strong sterilisation mode for 3 minutes, the red light is flashing
  6. After that, it will then goes into the medium sterilisation mode for another 5 minutes, the green light is flashing indicating that it is in medium sterilisation mode
  7. Finally, after the sterilisation is almost finished, the LED will change from green to blue and then goes off again.
  8. Open the box and remove all the portable devices and personal belongings

* Backed up by reports from 3-party detection centres of microbiology laboratories, which demonstrated that the XXL Foldable UV-C Sterilising Box might kill up to 99% bacteria(including Candida albicans) on the tested piece after 8 minutes.


  • SKU: SW11048BU
  • Size: 24.5 x 15 cm x 15 cm (extended size), 24.5 x 15 x 3 cm (folded size)
  • Weight: 446 grams
  • Input: 5VDC, 1A (Type-C)
  • Materials: Nylon, UV-C LED, EVA reflective interior materials
  • UV-C LED Power: 250mW x 4
  • UV-C LED lifespan: 10,000 hours
  • What’s inside: XXL Foldable Multi-functional UV-C Sterilising Box, charging cable

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