Pigeon SofTouch Disney Gift Set

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Pigeon SofTouch Disney Gift Set.

For 0 to 3+ months. Disney Nursing bottle made with PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) compatible with SofTouch™ wide neck nipple.

Products Quantity
Wide-neck 160ml (For 0+ months) 1
Wide-neck 240ml (For 3+ months) nursing bottle 1
PIGEON teether Step 1 1
SofTouch™ Wide Neck Nipple S Size



Clinically tested for seamless switch between breast and bottle

Shaped to help minimize swallowed air

Advanced venting system to prevent gas

SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nipple – 100% silicone, super soft and flexible to allow for natural and smooth tongue movement

Bottle is made from Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) material with high heat resistance and excellent durability

BPA Free

Training Teether

Strong color scheme to attract baby

Step 1 (4+ months) – Air holes and teething pad to prevent choking

Easy to grip

Movable rings give a rattling sound to attract babies’ attention

Made of soft material

BPA Free

Bottle Nipple

PIGEON SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nipple caters to the 3 key steps when a baby sucks: Latching On, Peristaltic Tongue Movement and Swallowing. Allows smooth transition between feeding from breast to bottle, and eliminates issue of nipple confusion. Nipple is of perfect shape and size to fit into the sucking fossa of baby

Inner vertical lines strengthen the structure of nipples; making it collapse-resistant.

Textured surface allows baby to latch on easily and securely

100% silicone nipple; super soft and flexible, allows natural and smooth tongue movement

Air Ventilation System (AVS™) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic.

Sterilization Method
Boiling, Steam, Chemical

Made from Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) material, this bottle is durable and able to withstand high temperature sterilization process. PPSU is widely used in manufacturing medical and food-contact products. The color of the bottle is the natural color of this material.

Part Material Heat Resistance
Bottle Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) 180°C
Nipple Silicone Rubber 120°C
Cap Polypropylene (PP) 120°C
Hood Polypropylene (PP) 120°C

Training Teether

Sterilization Method
Boiling, Steam, Chemical
Part Material
Body Hydrogenated Styrene-Isoprene Copolymer
Ring ABS Resin

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