Mobilesteri 2-in-1 Massage Gun with 4000 mAh Powerbank

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Incredibly Comfortable Massage Experience – Anytime, Anywhere.


•  The Cordless Muscle Massager is handheld and ergonomically designed – easy to grip and apply pressure.

• Built-in high-capacity lithium battery (4000mAh) provides you with a cordless and portable device that you can carry around for an incredibly comfortable massage experience anytime, anywhere.

• This powerful massager may help to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness in every part of your body and is suitable for use at home, work or on the go.

• The massager has a powerful motor with speeds of up to 3200RPM.

• Comes with four interchangeable massage heads to suit various needs.

• USB charging port for recharging your smartphones anytime. 

Flat Head – Suitable for relaxation and plasticity of muscles. This head provides a wider massaging surface. It can be used on any of the medium to larger-sized muscles such as the feet or to tackle calf tightness and pain.

U Shaped Head -– This head has two prongs that have smooth, round heads that do not cause pain, even when applied directly to the skin. Suitable for use on the back of the neck or spine. Can also be used on other muscles depending on the user’s preference.

Conical Shaped Head – Suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as palms, plantar or meridians. This head is used to target small and specific areas of muscular stiffness and soreness. Some people may use this head on their joints when they need a more precise massage.

Round Ball Head – For large muscles that have widespread tightness or soreness, such as arms, waist, thighs and calves. This head is well rounded and smooth while large enough to target the bigger muscles, such as thighs and shoulders.


• The massager has 3 adjustable speed levels (2400RPM, 2800RPM or 3200RPM), which allows stronger or softer massage control for targeting different areas of the body (back, neck, arms, legs, feet) that need to be massaged by using targeted pulse technology.
• The massager provides approximately 6-7 hours’ battery life per charge, depending on the speeds and pressure during use.
• Perfect for desk workers, athletes, people who exercise or for rehabilitation after training.
•  Rechargeable via USB Type-C port.
•  Comes with its own carrying case for ease of transporting and can be stored in a backpack, gym bag or suitcase, if needed.

Size:  8.5 x 14 x 4.7 cm

Weight:  376 grams (body) 

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