MyLO Luxe Foldable Baby Play Mat (200x140x4cm) - Beige/White

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MyLO Luxe Foldable Baby Play Mat (200x140x4cm) Foldable - Beige/White
Better protect your little one when they’re playing with toys, walking, or enjoying tummy time on the ground with an extra-thick foldable play mat from MyLO LUXE.

When babies are little they can hurt their hands and knees when they’re crawling around or learning to walk on hardwood or unprotected floors. And as a parent it’s easy to worry every time they fall that they could get a bruise or injury that impacts their confidence. That’s why we developed the soft and supportive MyLO LUXE Foldable Baby Play Mat that provides a large tummy time play area where they can roll around, enjoy playing with toys, or even catch a quick nap with more comfort and protection.

Designed with multiple layers of PE foam that’s been compressed with thermal heat, our chemical-free and non-toxic play mats for babies are lightweight, super durable, and better protect little hands, wrists, knees, and joints from falls or trips when playing or learning to walk. All so they can enjoy playing, relaxing, or learning while you worry less when they trip and fall while they are having a blast.

Follow our P.M.E.T guide to decide which type of Baby Play Mat is most ideal for your infant & toddler!

Noise reduction – it’s never nice to disturb your neighbour everyday with the non-stop jumping and running from your kids
Thick and Safe cushioning for excellent shock absorption (thicker mats equal less pain from trip & fall. it's not rocket science!)
Minimize zipper head accidents by hiding it out of sight from toddlers. It requires some strength and effort for an adult to find and push the zipperhead out.
Made of non-toxic material
Free from flame retardants, formamide, phthalates, lead, heavy metal, PVC
Certified & Accredited by KCL Korea
No chemicals – 8 layers of PE foams are compressed using thermal heat for 4cm thickness
Light weight & foldable makes it easy to keep
Foldable play mat can stand on its own – simply store it in a cool & dry place
Waterproof non-toxic PU leather surface prevent seepage through to the foam
Easy to clean with a damp cloth (optional - with a little baby-safe diluted cleaning agent) and let it air dry before placing it on the floor again
As the name "play mat" suggest, your baby can start using this mat anytime for play time! From their very first play activity (musical, coloured toys) to tummy time to their first sit and crawl to them jumping and running, our thick and spacious play mat is just perfect for all of these activities.

Carton Dimension - 142 x 21 x 53cm @ 5kg

Product Dimension - 200 x 140 x 4cm (lay out) / 140 x 50 x 16cm (folded)

MyLO LUXE Foldable Baby Play Mat is a perfect fit play mat for IFAM Baby FIRST Play Yard series.

MyLO LUXE Foldable Baby Play Mat is hand stitch with love from Korea
Perfect fit for any play yard with internal 200x140cm
Made of high density PE (foam) and PU (leather cover) in line with the highest safety standard in Korea
Soft & safe for baby touch
High temperature thermal compression to get foam in shape as well as remove impurities and odour (no chemicals used during this process)
Foldable play mats are light and can stand on it's own making it much easier to keep anywhere without support

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