Poled Premium AirLuv Oreo Refreshing Air Wind Seat Liner (USB chargeable)

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Poled Premium AirLuv Oreo Refreshing Air Wind Seat

 AirLuv season 2 offering airflow strength improvement by 31%, Premium AirLuv Oreo with an additional 10% airflow strength and made with 100% high-quality silicone fabric for a better cooling effect, easy cleaning and it is waterproof!

With proven effect on air filter performance in supplying clean air, Poled AirLuv stand out from other products that offer in Germany, China, France, etc. with Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) result of 18m³/hr

Perfect solution for:
1. Children struggling from fine/ultrafine dust
2. Children who might have heat rush and atopy
3. Children who don't like car seat strollers in hot weather
4. Children who need a fresh environment every day



  • Solution for a child's heat rash, atopy, and eczema
  • Maintaining optimum temperature by delicate wind control
  • Refreshing air and purifying fine dust

  • Powerful and quite (35dB, lower than sounds in the library)
  • 3D Ergonomical design for a child's body shape

  • Block Fine Dust, Eco-friendly Material

  • Passed 194 Safety Certification Tests

  • Ultra Fine Dust Actual Test - air in the stroller got clean within 1 minute

  • AirLuv filter attached on the back to keep the child's feet safe

  • Perfect size for all baby products

  • Can be used with Car Seat/Stroller/Bouncer

  • Easy to wash, waterproof bottom

  • 5 hours of continuous usage (based on 10000 mAh powerbank)

Suitable Age: Newborn+

Dimension: 350mm x 920mm

Material: Outer - Silicone, Back - Nylon, Filling - Polyurethane, Polypropylene

Made in Korea 


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