Puku Insulated Straw Bottle (White) + Tritan Sprout Bottle 500ml (Green) (Bundle Pack)

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-304+316 grade stainless steel
-Double vacuum wall
-Keeps beverages warm or cold for up to 6 hours
-Removable handle for easy transition from training stage
-Leak-proof lid with one-touch open button
-Comes with a long detachable adjustable sling strap ad a short wrist strap
-Foodgrade silicone straw is BPA-free and recyclable
-Detachable parts for convenient and easy washing
-Anti-slip base
-Toxic-free safe printing Tested environment of 20C with 95C hot liquid into Puku insulated bottle: After 6 hours: Liquid is warm at 54C Tested environment of 20C with 4C cold liquid into Puku insulated bottle: After 6 hours: Liquid stays chilled at 11C
Country/Place Of Origin:
Store in cool and dry areas

PUKU Tritan Spout Bottle 500ml

Use SPOUT bottle to enjoy a fast flow beverage!

Kids over 18 months are able to use silicone spout bottle.

The bottle comes with an extra locking system to ensure the cap is not opened accidentally when dropped it on the floor!

Besides spout  bottle is tightly sealed to prevent water leaking.

Other than that

Tritan made bottle are tough and impact-resistant for long periods of use.

Tritan is a BPA free plastic and approved by FDA.

BPA Free material



crystal clear bottle

Silicone spout for fast flow drinking

Bottle strap included for portability

Suitable age: 18 months onwards

Strap length: 46 to 85cm

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