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Here is your baby diaper guide! In this guide, we share with you: 

  • How to change baby's diaper in 8 simple steps! 
  • How to choose the right diaper for your baby
  • Top 5 diaper brands you must know 
  • Top 10 diaper care products you must have (Featuring our Bestsellers!)
  • How does cloth diapering work? (video)

Fun Fact: Did you know that you baby spends about 25,000 hours in diapers? And in his/her first years of life will need about 6,000 diaper changes? 

With so much time spent in diapers, it's key to find suitable diapers for your little one. Our team at Agape has prepared some key tips you must know. Have fun reading! 


How to Change your Baby's Diaper in 8 Simple Steps: 

  1. Have your diaper supplies near and within reach. 
  2. Lay your baby gently on a dry and flat surface. Ensure that surface is not cold. It is best to place a waterproof changing pad on the surface. Stand at the edge with your baby's toes pointing to your body. 
  3. Open the clean diaper, remove baby's clothing and position clean diaper beneath your baby. 
  4. Unfasten the soiled diaper. Be sure to wrap it up before throwing it into the trash can to contain the mess.  
  5. Clean baby's diaper area: Simply soak a cotton pad with Mustela's Physio No-Rinse Cleansing Water to gently clean your baby's bottom to immediately give your baby a sense of well-being. PhysiObebe, with its soothing aloe vera extract, leaves your baby's skin clean, soft and delicately scented. The no-rinse formula makes it easy and convenient to apply. Be sure to wipe front to back and clean inside all the creases.
    If you are on the go, and for more mature babies, use Mustela's Dermo Soothing Cleansing Wipes to clean your baby's bottom. 
  6. Leave your baby's bottom to dry and follow up with the Mustela Vitamin Barrier Change Cream 123 to prevent diaper rash and redness! It is ideal to apply everytime you change baby's diaper. The Vitamin Barrier Change Cream 123 is 98% made of natural-origin and fragrance-free ingredients so it is safe to apply liberally on a daily basis. It has triple efficacy to prevents, soothes and recover diaper rash! 
  7. Put on the clean diaper and fasten new diaper securely. 
  8. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water! 

And you are done! Get free* diaper change samples from Mustela here.
A tip to never leave your baby unattented on the changing table, and also to put a cover cloth over your baby boy in case he pees during changing! 


How to choose the right diaper for baby

Here are 5 points that you must know when choosing your baby's diaper...

1. Soft & Breathable - Soft diapers result in happier babies. Lesser abrasion and more ventilation will reduce diaper rash problems too.

2. Good Absorbency - You wouldn't want your baby's bum to always be soaking wet! Finding diapers that can soak and lock up urine is key to a happy baby.

3. Hypoallergenic - Don't risk baby's bum to chemicals as you will be welcoming diaper rash problems.

4. Good Fit - It's key to pick out the right sizing for your baby. If the diaper is too loose, you will risk having spills. Too tight a diaper will result in an uncomfortable baby.

5. Affordability - Consider buying in bulk to save cost. Alternatively, have you considered cloth diapering? It can lead to huge savings in the long run!


Top 5 Diaper Brands you Must Know

  1. GOO.N Japan Diapers
    Particularly designed for sensitive skin, which is very common among babies. Voted by Parent's World as best for anti-diaper rash qualities! The diapers also come with natural Vitamin E plus for extra protection to baby's skin. 

  2. Mamypoko
    With a cotton-like breathable cover that releases heat & moisture, baby gets a comfy bum! Their textured cotton stripes pad quickly absorbs and locks in urine for faster drying. Plus, mamypoko diapers has a contoured comfort waistline that protect's baby's unhealed navel. 

  3. Huggies
    Used in all major maternity hospitals, Huggies keeps babies dry for up to 12 hours! It's soft textured pad pulls pee and runny poop away from baby's skin, and it's air circulation liner improves breathability. With an adjustable waistband, you get a great fit! 

  4. Pampers
    Get 3 layers of absorbency versus 2 in ordinary diapers. This means 3x drier! With an UltraAbsorb layer, you get outstanding leakage protection. Plus, be assured of a snug and comfortable fit for baby. 

  5. Merries

    Absorbent, airy and soft that is always gentle to your baby's skin. It's top sheet does not stick, and it has an absorbent core that draws in and locks away pee. With a flexi-fit shape, you get comfortable and active babies!  


Top 10 Diaper Care Products you Must Have

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  2. 41% OFF! Desitin Creamy/Rapid Relief Diaper Rash Cream 4oz - PACK Of 4 Exp 10/2017 - $35 (UP $59.60) 
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How Does Cloth Diapering Work? (Video)