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Here is your baby bath time guide! In this guide, we share with you: 

  • 6 Tips in Grooming Your Baby
  • 3 Best Grooming Kits for Babies
  • Top 10 Baby Grooming Products you Must Have (Featuring our Bestsellers!)
  • Top Tips: How to Brush your Baby's Teeth (coming soon) 
  • How to Cut a Toddlers Hair at Home
  • How to Clean a Baby's Gum
  • How to Trim Your Baby's Nails


Fun Fact: Fascinating fact about babies.

Within a few days of birth, a baby can distinguish between the touch of brush bristles that are of different diameters.


6 Tips in Grooming Your Baby

As a mom, you want to have your baby clean, neat, and healthy. Giving the best healthcare and grooming is needed so they can be the happy baby that mommies want them to be. So here are best grooming tips to keep your baby healthy.

1. Baby Bathing -  Your baby does not require full baths. Wiping and rubbing the body areas with fine washcloth are okay. Everyday bathing is not required; two to three days are enough for your baby because unlike adults, they are not exposed too much to dirt. Bathing your baby can bring relaxation to your little one.

2. Nail Trimming - As a mom, you should be careful to not over trim the nails of your baby. Make sure that you are going to cut it short enough so that your baby will not scratch his face. The nails of your baby grow fast so you need to cut it numerous times a week. Even though toenails do not require regularly trimming, it should be trimmed properly.

3. Hair Care - Even though there are some babies that are born hairless, there are some babies that are born with soft and shiny hair. When washing the hair of your baby, make sure that you slowly and gently wash it. Use shampoo and conditioner that are appropriately mild. Use gentle shampoo with mild scent so your baby will not be irritated.

4. Eye Care - As a mom, this one is the most important part of grooming your precious one. Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Your baby’s eyes are very delicate so as a mom, you should ensure that everything that you use to clean his eyes are safe and appropriate for babies. Make sure you’re not just cleaning it; you should mildly clean it especially if dirt had gathered up in the corners of your baby’s eyes.

5. Ear Cleaning - Wipe your baby’s ears daily with a warm washcloth to keep it clean and at the same time not irritated. You should always maintain your baby’s ears clean to avoid infections or too much ear wax.

6. Skin care - To maintain the healthy skin of your baby, it should be washed well. The diaper changing routine is very essential, change the diaper of your baby regularly so it will not lead to any irritation to the skin. You should also consider the brand and product you will use for your baby’s skin care. Make sure that it is not harsh and does not contain strong chemicals.


3 Best Grooming Accessories for Babies

As a mother, giving your child what is best for them is not optional but should be a priority. Here are some kits that would be very helpful in grooming your baby.

 1. Hair Brush and Comb for Baby - Your baby needs a special brush for his hair since it is still sensitive. Hair brush and comb suited for babies are a must have for mommies like you. Check out the best brush and comb for your precious one, Beaba Brush And Comb - Pastel Purple

 2. Nail Clippers for Baby - As a mother, choosing the best clippers is must-do thing.  Choosing the best clipper will avoid possible injuries because it is perfectly made to suit with the nails of babies. Summer Infant Nail Clipper Set would fit your need in trimming your baby’s nail. Those nail clipper is mothers’ best choice.

3. Nasal Aspirator - It would be very helpful to your baby during the times of cold and fever. Your baby might have difficulty blowing his nose and the mucus will be stuck inside. That’s why Summer Infant Nasal Aspirator and Zoli Breathe™ Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator (0m+) are perfectly made just for your baby. This is one of the most trusted brands of most moms.


Top Grooming Brands you Must Know!

1. Jack N' Jill

Jack N' Jill is a natural toothpaste for babies, toddlers & children that is safe to swallow. Jack N' Jill Toothpaste is 100% safe for your little one - especially because they have a tendency to swallow it, rather than spit it out! All Jack N' Jill branding is designed to be appealing to children and is cute enough that parents won't mind it sitting on their bathroom vanity.

2. Summer Infant

Summer Infant is dedicated to developing the safest and most innovative products that stands the test of time.  Rest assured that every Summer product, from the crib to the bathtub and everywhere in between, has been designed, developed, crafted, and created with integrity, ingenuity, and safety in mind.

3. B&B

B&B also known as Baby & Basic is the most widely used brand among Korean moms for infant-related household products. B&B baby care products are free of harmful substances and only made of natural ingredients. Every product has an ‘AIEGE’ logo attached to it that promises to eliminate 30 potential harmful substances as proclaimed by European Bureau of Consumer Unions (BEUC) and USA’s environmental organization EWC (Environmental Working Group).

4. Brush Baby

Brush-Baby dental-care products are specially designed for babies, toddlers and young children and to follow a 3-Step pathway to first dental-care. Brush-Baby is multi-award winning products from a child’s point of view to help look after their baby teeth and gums.

5. Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee started making baby products in 1965 with one clear goal: to make life simpler for families. Their two biggest innovations - the super soft breast-like nipple and extra-wide neck. An extra-wide neck and breast-like nipple help babies make a natural latch and secure seal. A clever vent system then delivers a smooth flow of milk so they swallow less air. Enjoy a relaxed feeding experience - choose from our specialist range of BPA-free baby bottles, all featuring our award-winning breast-like nipple.

6. Orajel Toothpastes

Orajel™ is one of the most trusted brands of pain relief and oral care solutions for young children and adults. Whether soothing a teething baby, establishing an oral routine for your child, or relieving pain of a toothache sufferer, they have oral care solutions for everyone in your family.

7. Elgydium

Elgydium Anti-plaque is unique because it is the only toothpaste available in the UK that contains the proven antibacterial ingredient, Chlorhexidine. Elgydium Anti-plaque has been clinically proven to be effective against the key organisms that cause gingivitis and gum disease.

8. OralB

Fifty years of expertise has taught us that kids' oral care needs change as they grow. So it is designed to meet the specific needs that your child's age and development demands. You can check it here.

9. Spiffies

Spiffies is dedicated to improving human health through the focused application of the nutraceutical xylitol and other functional foods. All of their products will be safe, appealing and life sustaining.

10. Gerber Nuk

The NUK® family of brands design and develop superior products that enhance your child’s overall development. By combining years of expertise and trust, they are committed to nurturing your children’s healthy transitions from birth to toddler. They have worked for over 50 years to design the highest quality products that are innovative and scientifically-proven to support safe and healthy development.


Top 10 Baby Bath Products you Must Have (Featuring our Bestsellers!)


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