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The origin of our organic Wild Apples are the classic rural orchards. Orchards are a traditional, natural way of fruit farming and are a fine example of applied biodiversity: apple trees of many varieties and at different ages are scattered idyllically near farmhouses. Here, the farmers preserve and maintain their old fruit varieties, that are more and more endangered by modern industrial fruit farming, since generations. What is equally important: fruit trees are valuable biotopes and a vital habitat for a wide variety of animal species. This idyllic, natural environment deep in the Austrian countryside is the home of our Wild Apple – and you can taste it with every sip. It is 100% cloudy apple juice (NFC – Never from Concentrate) from organic farming. Contains natural fruit sugars from premium grade organic apples.

This is non-carbonated and just simply natural. It is free of synthetic or chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, GMO, preservatives, colours and artificial flavour. 

100 ml contain approximately: 

  • Energy (kJ/kcal):  118.2/27.6
  • Fat (g): <0.1 thereof saturated fatty acids (g): <0.1
  • Carbohydrates (g): 6.7 thereof fruit sugar (g): 6.3
  • Protein (g): <0.1
  • Salt (g): < 0.01. 

The Hollinger premium fruit juices are the ideal energy and vitamin suppliers for work and school. During manufacturing, great care and natural treatment of fruits are of highest importance to us. Enjoy our premium natural products pure or mixed with water – the perfect source of energy on the go.


Organic Cloudy Apple Juice (60 %) (NFC – Never From Concentrate) Mixed With Still Water (40 %)

How to Use

Serve it as it is, you can use it for cocktail & mocktails.

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