Baby Dan Magnetic Lock (White)

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  • Great product for childproofing your kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  • Fitted with strong Adhesive Pads making it perfect for installation where screw fitting is not possible
  • Comes complete with key & adhesive key holder
  • Works effectively on cupboards and drawers with a thickness of up to 1"
  • Made in Denmark and meets latest safety standards

Baby Dan Magnetic Locks helps to ensure that your child cannot access open your drawers. This item is for 1 Lock and 1 Key. Simple to use, can be stuck into place in seconds. Can be used on cupboard and drawers with a thickness of up to 25mm.

There is also the option of attaching a holder to the front of the drawer or cupboard to show the position of the lock. The magnetic lock can also be switched off so left in the open position. The magnetic key can unlock the drawer in seconds for parents to easily access drawers and cupboards and must be placed in areas where children find it hard to reach.

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