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A daily dose of TLC. Your baby’s skin is just too sensitive to face the world alone. But your love can help it get there. We’re super careful about our ““no’s”” but it’s the ““yes’s”” we add that make all the difference — plant-derived ingredients like Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and our NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend. It’s do no harm plus do more good all in one bottle. Ain’t that what love’s all about?


Massage into baby’s skin as often as needed, especially after bathing.

ingredient ingredient type where it's from how it helps
water water water base
organic theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter* plant based cocoa seeds emollient; skin protector, moisturizer
cetyl alcohol plant-derived coconut fatty alcohol thickener/emulsifier
squalane plant-derived vegetable oil skin-conditioning agent
decyl oleate plant-derived derived from plant based oleic acid skin lubricant and moisturizer
organic butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter* plant based shea nuts skin moisturizer,emollient
propanediol plant-derived derived from corn ph adjuster
organic glycerin* plant-derived vegetable based skin protectant; humectant
glyceryl stearate plant-derived plant glycerin and vegetable oils emulsifier, skin lubricant/softener
caprylyl glycol synthetic/plant-derived synthetic preservative;skin conditioning
ethylhexylglycerin plant-derived derived from plant based glycerin preservative booster
undecylenoyl glycine plant-derived derived from plant based glycerin preservative booster, emollient
capryloyl glycine plant-derived derived from plant based glycerin preservative booster
cetearyl alcohol plant-derived vegetable source fatty alcohol emulsion stabilizer; thickener
carbomer synthetic/plant-derived synthetic emulsifier/thickener
stearic acid plant-derived plant based fatty acid (palm) emulsifier
organic beeswax* other naturally purified wax from the honeycomb of the bee emollient, skin soother, moisturizer
solanum lycopersicum (tomato) seed oil plant based tomato seeds antioxidant, protects against oxidative stress, soothing, calming
organic helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil* plant based sunflower seeds emollient, calming and moisturizing, high antioxidant content, vitamin e
vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) seed oil plant based cranberry seeds omega 3 fatty acid, emollient, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
organic nigella sativa (black cumin) seed oil* plant based black cumin seeds high antioxidant content, fatty acids, healing and soothing
rubus idaeus (red raspberry) seed oil plant based red raspberry seeds skin soothing, calming, multiple forms of vitamin e, omega 3 fatty acids
sodium hydroxide synthetic synthetic cleansing agent; ph adjuster
organic persea gratissima (avocado) oil* plant based avocado skin moisturizer
organic canola oil* plant based oil of rapeseed plant skin protectant
organic olea europaea (olive) fruit oil* plant based olive skin conditioner, moisturizer
organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice* plant based aloe vera skin soothing, humectant
organic glycine soja (soybean) oil* plant based soybeans skin moisturizer, emollient, emulsifier
tocopherol plant-derived plant oils antioxidant, protects against oxidative stress, moisturizer
sodium phytate plant-derived natural salt derived from corn or rice bran chelating agent, preservative booster
aldehyde c-14 plant-derived flax seeds fragrance
allyl caproate plant-derived castor fragrance
balsam copaiba plant based resin from copaiba balsam tree fragrance
cedarwood virginiana oil plant based cedarwood fragrance
chamomile roman plant based chamomile fragrance
cis 3 hexenyl acetate plant-derived menta arvensis (wild mint) fragrance
coumarin natural cucumber oil plant based tonka beans, grasses and herbs fragrance
davana oil plant-derived flowers of the davana plant fragrance
eucalyptus oil plant based eucalyptus fragrance
galbanum oil plant-derived gum resin from the galbanum plant fragrance
geranium egyptian plant based geranium fragrance
hexyl acetate (c-6) plant-derived coconut oil and sugar cane fragrance
ionone beta plant-derived lemongrass leaves fragrance
lemon oil washed plant based lemon fragrance
lime oil plant based lime fragrance
methyl cinnamate plant-derived cassia oil and grain fragrance
caprylic/capric triglyceride plant-derived coconut oil and glycerin base for blending
palmarosa oil plant based leaves of the cymbopogon martini plant fragrance
rose otto bulgarian plant based damask rose fragrance
vanillin plant based vanilla bean fragrance
*certified organic ingredient
unless otherwise specified, product not labeled as organic
*certified organic ingredients

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