Beaba Ellipse 2nd Stage Ergonomic Cutlery Set (8m+) Nude

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The Beaba 2nd Age Training Fork and Spoon are the perfect way to help your baby learn how to feed themselves.The ergonomic shape and design of the set means that this is simple to grasp and hold. This is also suitable for little one's who are either left or right handed, making this easy for your little one's as they learn to feed themselves. The rounded shape of he cutlery means that this will not hurt or damage your child's teeth or gums. In addition to this, the convex shape is perfect as this will rest on your little one's plate without sliding off.Included is a storage and transport case that will help you take your child's cutlery with you wherever you go, keeping these clean and protected wherever you go.


  • Ergonomic shape, easy for baby to grasp
  • Suitable for left handed and right handed
  • Rounded shape: no risk of harming gums
  • Convex shape: rests on plate without sliding
  • Storage and transport case included

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