Bonacomo PVC Folding Mat - Shepherd And Sheep Size: 2000 x 1400mm (L)

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First PVC Folding Mat in Korea, now available in Singapore!

'BONACOMO', which combines `BONA` which means` good` in Latin and `COMODO` which means` convenient, comfortable - focuses on improving consumer's discomfort from existing infant mat in the market.

With water-resistant coating, this mat is also easy to clean even if you spill food. The vacuum adsorption embossing that reduces stickiness to our body skin minimizes discomfort during sweaty hot days.

It gives great protection to your child - this play mat is 1.5cm think, and the inside is composed of two shock-absorbing cushion layers, absorbing shocks with tight high density cushioning force and excellent restoring force. This is why children can enjoy a comfortable and cushy experience when they run on the mat.

In addition to passing the Special Child Product Safety Act and obtaining KC certification (CB021H051-9008), all eight heavy metals, six plasticizers and nine carcinogenic compounds are undetected, so parents can use them with confidence.

Bonacomo was launched as the First PVC Folding Mat in Korea by combining the easy folding method of a folder mat with the excellent shock absorption performance and cushioning feeling of the soft PVC mat.

Special Features:

- soft yet firm, very comfortable

- with pre pressed fold lines for easy folding

- compact, easy to fold and easy to store away

- provide a luxury padded play area for your kids

- with double sided print design; reversible

- surface comes with soft texture suitable for baby soft delicate skin

Size: 2000 x 1400mm

Thickness: 15mm

Weight: 9kg

This item is packed folded in a non-woven bag then into a carton box.

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