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At a Glance

Buckwheat pillows are hull pillows that have been used for centuries in countries such as Japan, and consists of a pillow that is stuffed with buckwheat hulls. The hulls of the buckwheat used in the pillows act as husks and protect the actual buckwheat seed from the elements. After being harvested, cleaned and allowed to dry, the hulls are then carefully stuffed into a sack or pillow.

Features and Benefits

Anti dust mite
Anti fungal
Cool feeling
Provides proper support for the neck
Breathable and cooling (air is allowed to move freely due to the constant shifting of the buckwheat hull materials as the baby move in his sleep, keeping the pillow ventilated and fresh at all times)
Lightweight, as the buckwheat hull are porous and lightweight, hence they are safe for use on new borns
Made from natural materials
This lightweight pillow serves to calm babies while they are sleeping

Do not immerse pillow in water
Do not attempt to wipe pillow with a wet cloth

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