[Bundle Of 2] Mitoku Kombu Dried Sea Vegetable (50g x 2)

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Mitoku Kombu Dried Sea Vegetable, also known as kelp, is a brown algae that grows in a dense underwater forest. Kombu is indispensable for making an umami rich vegetable stock for miso soups, sauces and noodle broths. It is also good when sliced and used in soups, stews, vegetable and bean dishes.

The white minerals found on the Kombu dried surface contain the prized natural glutamic salts that help make Kombu a supreme flavouring agent. By late summer, Kombu is ready to harvest.

Mitoku Kombu Dried Sea Vegetable Features

rehydrated and cooked for 20 minutes as a side dish to main courses
added as an ingredient in cooking: soups, stews, croquettes, omelets, pasta, rice, cous cous.

Weight 0.68 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 22 cm

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