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Do you find stunt cars so awesome that they make your head spin? Well, we have a product that’ll drive you loopy… but, like, in a good way! They’re called the Turbo Loopers, and they’ll turn your world upside down (again and again and again as they spin)!

Basically, the Turbo Loopers are super-fast cars that can be used for loads of stunts! Each car comes with a Speed Bowl, which you can use for loop-the-loop action. Or, if you want to take your looping from vertical to horizontal, you can attach your car’s clip-on cable to a pen and have it perform an orbital spin. You can even get a second car, attach the two together, and lock them into a daredevil chase!

These cars come in 3 awesome colours (despatched at random) and use LEDs to light up like a funfair! And, while real cars run off petrol, these just use batteries. They even come with easy-to-use USB charging sticks, letting you recharge them from any USB port.

So, if you could watch stunt cars racing around until you’re (ahem) exhausted, order your Turbo Looper mini stunt car today!

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