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Your whole family will be hooked on our great-smelling, 100% plant-based hand sanitizer. Effective against many common germs & bacteria with a quick-drying, moisturizing, vegan formula. The active ingredient is 62% ethanol alcohol.

Our easy-to-travel, child-friendly spray bottle locks with a twist. You can also use it around the house as a versatile germ-killing household cleaner.

Scents: Calming blend = beautiful French lavender essential oils. Lemon Myrtle = refreshing lemon myrtle and lime essential oils. Eucalyptus = a vibrant blend of eucalyptus and Douglas fir essential oils. Super Sensitive = no added fragrance.

Quality assurance testing:

California Baby Hand Sanitizers (and all California Baby products) are blended, manufactured, and packaged in our FDA Registered, Certified Organic USA Facility. As a FDA registered manufacturing facility, we follow FDA OTC Monographs and Good Manufacturing Practices for manufacturing and testing protocols for hand sanitizers including:

  • Kill test (3rd party lab tested for efficacy against common germs and bacteria) -  Conclusion: The results indicate antimicrobial activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, MRSA, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Enterobacter aerogenes; Streptococcuspyogenes, Enterococcusfaecalis, Salmonella typhimurium; Klebsiella pneumoniae

We also perform additional testing which is not required but we feel is important for quality assurance:

  • HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing) – allergy-tested testing
  • USDA Biobased Testing – certified at 100% (excluding water)


• Supervise young children when they use hand sanitizer to prevent swallowing alcohol.
• Put enough sanitizer on your hands to completely cover all surfaces.
• Rub your hands together until they feel dry (this should take around 20 seconds).
• Do NOT rinse or wipe off the hand sanitizer - it may not work well against germs.

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