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Now 100% bio-based! Our famously gentle, award-winning diaper rash ointment is as good as you can get. It's free of added fragrance, common allergens and harsh chemicals, so it’s perfect for soothing sensitive, irritated skin. We removed the water from the formula which allowed us to go preservative-free as all preservatives can be irritating to already sensitive skin. 

Vitamin-grade zinc oxide treats and prevents diaper rash while purified lanolin leaves a moisture barrier on the skin. Added coconut oil and licorice help soothe sore bottoms. Cloth-diaper safe.

Diaper ointments are USDA Certified 100% Bio-Based (excluding zinc oxide), meaning they are made from plant-based ingredients and one ingredient from sheep's wool (ultra-purified lanolin).

Our entire Super Sensitive collection has no added fragrance and is recommended for newborns, and those with extremely sensitive skin, scent sensitivities and during pregnancy.

Tips for Use

Exposing baby's skin to the air is a natural way to help heal diaper rash, so let your baby wear his birthday suit whenever possible. Consider trying cloth diapers, which are more breathable than disposables and friendlier to the earth.


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