Carl Oscar WisdomFlask 0.65 L- 5 Designs

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High quality and extremely durable water bottle made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. It is 100 % leak-proof and holds 0.65 L. Tritan plastic is both very durable and means no retention or imparting of flavors. Wash by hand to protect the illustration.

The unique illustrations of the flasks are based on ancient Nordic runes and describe their meaning and also Sweden and its history from a personal perspective. The word “rune” means “wisdom” or “secret”.  Information about all parts of the pattern

Each illustration has an embedded runic. The word "rune" means "wisdom" or "secret". They were believed to be a gift from the norse god Odin. Runic inscriptions are the oldest original documents in Swedish and were created sometime around 100 A.D., probably with the Latin alphabet as a model. Information about the runes

Design: Carl Oscar

Material: Tritan™ & PP-plastic

Measures: Ø 72 x 205 cm • Ø 2.8’’ x 8.1’’

Weight: 106 g • 3.4 oz

Capacity: 0.65 L • 22 oz

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