Daiichi Air Pocket 2 Signature - Beige

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Daiichi Air Pocket2 with patented wind passage air pocket and frontal cool fan help the little one to stay comfortable in the car seat and stroller while travelling.

  • Wind deliver to Head, Back and leg (Patent right)
  • Hepa filter, Anti-bacterial
  • 3D Air mesh
  • 3 step Air volume control
  • Supplementary batter, USB port, 5V, 2A
  • For Newborn till 4 years old

Suitable for car seat, stroller and bouncer, or use it on the bed.

Dimension: 930 x 370mm
Weight: 0.7kg
Materials: Polyester

Q&A 1. Can I only use a power bank?

The airflow rises to each level and level 3 will allow the air to pass through your head.

Power bank, car USB port, charging adapter, etc. are all possible. Please make sure to check if it is 5V/2A or above for a more stable operation.

In addition, we recommend using a USB port for cigarette lighter sockets than the USB installed in your car. (5 V / 2 A or higher) The internal USB port is not recommended as the voltage is different from each car to car.

Q&A 2. How much noise?

The noise also raises by level 3 and the fan will spin a little bit when used at Level 3.

However, the fan is located on the lower level of the cool seat, so the noise that children hear is reduced.

Q&A 3. Weakly wind?

The airflow rises to each level and level 3 will allow the air to pass through your head.

Q&A 4. Can I use it behind a child seat?

It can also be used in the backward position, but if the angle of the child seat stands above the side picture, the fan may fall forward.

 Daiichi Air Pocket2 Cooling Seat LinerDaiichi Air Pocket2 Features

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