Doctor's Best Fish Collagen with Trumarine Collagen, 30 sticks

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Glow from within.

Our Fish Collagen with Naticol® Collagen Peptides is an easy way to support your natural beauty, in a simple powder stick pack.* Featuring Type I fish collagen, this daily skin and joint support is virtually tasteless and odorless. A wholesome addition to coffee, tea or a smoothie, collagen is well-known for its ability to increase skin moisture and elasticity, as well as contribute to joint and bone health.* Our Naticol® Fish Collagen is eco friendly and sustainably sourced, so you can feel even better about adding this supplement to your routine.

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Beauty building blocks.

Used for decades in Japan for it’s vast health and wellness benefits, fish collagen peptides is a partially hydrolyzed Type I collagen protein, the strongest form available. With 85% of the skin made up of collagen, it is the most abundant protein in the body - and is a key building block for connective tissues and vital organs. Fish Collagen with Naticol® Collagen features Type 1 collagen, one of the strongest forms of collagen available. Take your wellness routine on the go, with these powder stick packs!


Each powder stick contains 5 g of Type I Fish Collagen (Naticol® Fish Collagen). Add one powder stick pack to your favorite beverage daily.

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