Dr Brown's Y-Cut Wide Neck Silicon Options+ Nipple 2-Pack

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Dr Brown’s Nipples made of super-soft, high-grade silicone, each nipple level provides a different flow rate.

All of these bottle nipples vary in size and shape. From the Preemie Flow nipple, which limits the flow to tiny mouths to the Y-Cut nipple which literally utilizes a “Y”-shaped opening to allow for greater milk flow, you’ll find the bottle nipple that’s the perfect fit for your baby’s feeding needs.

Knowing when to move to the next nipple level is an important – and sometimes confusing – part of a comfortable and happy feeding experience for you and your baby.

While most bottles offer various nipple levels that are tied to an age range (for example, 3 months+), every infant has their own feeding style, which is not necessarily a reflection of their age or size. 

Your baby will offer signs if the flow is not fast enough and it’s time to move up a level. Typical signs include baby: 

  • - Taking longer to finish eating -
  • - Becoming fussy or irritated while eating -
  • - Falling asleep during feeding

With newborns, especially premature babies, the nipple flow rate can actually be faster than your infant can tolerate. If your baby is exhibiting any of these signs while eating, you may want to try a slower flow (lower level) nipple: 

  • Gulping 
  • Hard swallowing 
  • Coughing 
  • Choking 
  • Milk dripping from the mouth 
  • Refusing the bottle
To address all feeding stages and styles, Dr. Brown’s offers a series of bottle nipples with increasing flow rates.

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