Hegen Soothing Teether

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Designed to help soothe a baby’s gums during teething, the different surface structures gently massage the gums and stimulate baby’s play instinct and sense of touch.

The Hegen Soothing Teether is ergonomically shaped, light-weight and comfortable for baby to grasp. It can also be cooled in the refrigerator for a comforting sensation.

You’ll most likely notice a few specific cues that let you know that baby is teething:
- chewing on items
- crankiness and irritability
- sore and swollen gums
- excessive drooling

Hegen Soothing Teether

1. Massages Gums

Different surface structures gently massage gums to soothe them during teething. The teether can also be cooled in refrigerator to give a comforting sensation.

2. Stimulates Play and Sense of Touch

Different surface structures stimulate baby's play instinct and sense of touch.

3. Ergonomically Shaped

Ergonomically shaped, lightweight, and comfortable for baby to grasp.

    What's Included

    1 x Hegen Soothing Teether (Stars Design)


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