Ki ET LA Sunglasses 2.0 Diabola 0-1 year- old White

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Protect your child’s sensitive eyes from the sun’s rays and do it in style! The handles of KiETLA are made of hypoallergenic elastomer and do not contain hinges that could pinch the child. The straps can be freely twisted into any position - the plastic does not crack or break. The lenses themselves are unbreakable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate.

Diabola 2.0 has been completely revamped! Thanks to the ultra-light frame, the glasses fit perfectly on the baby's head. Wide 3.2 cm lenses completely cover the eyes. The lenses also filter out blue light from your phone, TV and computer.

The juju of the Diabola series is in a swivel design. As the child’s face and nose develop, turn the glasses upside down to fit the changed face proportions.

  • Dimensions: 90 x 32 mm (WxD)
  • Ultralight frame (8 grams)

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