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In Singapore, the average UV Index is a whopping 11, as compared to UK's 4! We all know that excessive exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer and we will slather heaps of sunscreen, but many of us neglected our eyes. Did you know that before 12 years of age, the crystalline lens of the children eyes are not definitively formed and filters only little UV rays, which can strongly damage the retina? By protecting the eyes of our little ones, it can greatly reduce the risk of developing eye diseases like cataracts in the later years. It might seem too early, but 80% of UV ray exposure in our lifetime occur before we turn 18. Ki ET LA is a fun brand of sunglasses that offer the best protection for your child. They offer the best UV (Level 4) protection, are unbreakable, trendy, and comes in playful colours. Designed by a French specialist for children, Ki ET LA is a fun brand designed to protect, relieve, relax and simplify the life of children... and their mums!

- Frame is made of shatter-resistant elastomer and can be twisted
- Polycarbonate lenses means they are unbreakable and anti-scratch

- 1st recyclable children sunglasses
- Sold in organic cotton pouches
- Can be replaced with prescription lenses

- Little temple pressure due to light and soft frame
- Very thin temples to avoid hurting babies' ears

100% SAFE
- No screws
- No risk of swallowing any pieces
- Sunglasses are one whole piece and unbreakable

Most importantly...

- Maximum protection index of category 4
- High optimal lenses (>30mm) to cover babies' eye perfectly
- 3 sizes that are perfectly adapted to each age group
- Strap prevents you from losing your Ki ET LA sunglasses

Each pair of sunglasses comes with:
1 Ki ET LA Organic Cotton pouch
1 adjustable strap
1 Ki ET LA sticker

Diabola Infant Sunglasses (0-18 months)

Mauve Menthol Peacock Blue

Pink Plum Strong Grey

Red Cream

Why are kids more vulnerable?
Kids are more vulnerable firstly because their thinner lens and smaller eyeball allow more UV rays to reach their retina. Also, they spend more times playing outdoors than us adults. When they do play outdoors, the sun is usually beaming down (doubt you would let your kids play in the rain). Lastly, kids are naturally closer to reflective surfaces like roads and water as they are smaller in size.

Jokaki Infant Sunglasses (1-2.5 years)

Mauve Menthol Peacock Blue

Pink Dark Purple Strong Grey

Red Cream

How young should my kid start?
As young as possible! As long as it is not a fuss, your child can start wearing sunglasses. The younger you start, the more protection your child gets. However, it is important to find a comfortable sunglasses so that they would want to wear. For older kids, shop with them and decide on the design together. After all, they are the ones wearing the sunglasses.

Jokala Infant Sunglasses (2-4 years)

Mauve Purple Menthol Peacock Blue

Pink Dark Purple Royal Blue


Ki Et La Jokala Black Ki Et La Jokala Strong Grey
Black Strong Grey

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