Kumon Grade 4 Geometry and Measurement

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Your child will progress gradually through the activities and master area, volume, circumference, and diameter included in Kumon Grade 4 Geometry And Measurement. Children learn to measure angles with a protractor and calculate decimal and fraction problems with ease.

The book includes:

  • Read and write fractions on a number line
  • Read and write decimals on a number line
  • Understand and apply concepts of lines, angles, and circles
  • Draw two-dimensional figures
  • Measure and find the area and perimeter of rectangular shapes using appropriate units.
  • Measure volume using standard cubic units.
  • Measure surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms by adding up the area of the faces
  • Calculate elapsed time in hours and half hours
  • Calculate elapsed time in days and weeks

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 inches. paperback. 96 pages. full color.

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