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The perfect compliment to the 'Wow! I Can Read' books, this set of forty dominoes will reinforce the simple sentence patterns and sight words introduced in the six readers. The dominoes can be wiped clean and are supplied in a sturdy container together with instructions. 'Wow! I Can Read' Dominoes are self-correcting and can be used as an individual matching activity or played as a game by 2 – 6 children. Watch the fun as the children take turns to see if they have the next matching piece or a 'green dot' domino to begin a new line! The dominoes can be used at two levels of development. Perceptual – finding and matching the two halves of each picture. The formation and reading of simple sentences using picture clues.

Words for Reinforcement:
I, am, in, the, a, this, is, and, look, at, me, like, my, here, are, big, little, mother, babies, go, to, can, you, see.

The forty dominoes each measure 95mm x 40mm and are supplied with instructions in a sturdy plastic storage container.

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