Lucky Baby SupreComfort Good Posture Wedger Pillow

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Lucky Baby SupreComfort Good Posture Wedger Pillow :

"Support pregnant mother’s tummy and back while sleep"

  • Allows breathing comfort, swell reducing, pressure relief and also better blood ciculation
  • Benefits both side and back sleeping
  • Suitable to be used during breast feeding
  • Ideal for pregnant women
  • The pad with velcro bridges the 2 wedger pillow together

Good Posture Wedger Pillow is a great bedding item for everyone, especially pregnant mothers. Doctors have since proven that side-sleeping (especially sleeping on the left side) is extremely important & beneficial for pregnant mothers. By sleeping on the side, pressure is released from arteries, resulting in better blood circulation to the foetus. By placing the pillows at the correct position & lying sideways, Good Posture Wedger Pillow is able to give support to the tummy & also minimize the strain on their back. Mothers are able to breathe & sleep in greater comfort. The wedger pillows come in 2 different heights and can also be detached to be use as an elevation. Placing the knees & leg on top will be able to relieve pressure & increase blood circulation. You can also use it as a feet support to elevate the feet to a better alignment. People who suffered from injuries or has just over go an operation with find it useful as placing the affected area on an elevated platform (preferably in a comfortable 45 degree angle) will help reduce swelling effectively. Also used as an elevation for babies during their sleep. Suitable for use during the pregnancy stage as the pillow will be able to share the load in the tummy for mothers. After giving birth, mothers can use the pillow during breast-feeding. They can lie sideways comfortably when they feed without feeling any discomfort or back strain. In short, the pillow is great for sleeping, nursing, reading or simply just relaxing!

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