Lucky Baby Take a Pee™ Boy Tall Urinal - Blue

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Lucky Baby Take a Pee™ Boy Tall Urinal - Blue

We have heard from many parents about the joys and challenges of potty training boys! And we also know that most of the time, so many want to know how to potty train a boy? Do you have him sit down or stand up?

Let mummy start potty training them at home by sitting down and then once they have mastered potty training and are accident free, you then teach them to urinate standing up!

But the Take A Pee™ Boy Tall Urinal is perfect for toddler boys who are learning to urinate standing up! This little urinal gives your boy the independence to go and urinate when he needs to go. Allows you to adjust the urinal to the desired height, no more drilling holes on your bathroom wall - He can easily reach the urinal positioned at his level and no longer need to climb up on step stool to reach the toilet. The standing urinal comes with a spinning water wheel to keep your toddler focus on his urine stream during potty training. The removable inner urinal makes it easy to wash and clean

  • SPINNING WATER WHEEL keep toddler focus on his steam during training
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT allow to adjust base on your child grown
  • NO MORE DRILLING sturdy placed on your bathroom or toilet...
  • REMOVABLE easy to wash, rinse, clean and air dry

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