Mamachi Baby Bottle Standard Small - Pink

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Mamachi Baby Bottle Standard Small

Mamachi standard baby bottles is an economical version of Mamachi bottle that has all composition from the premium bottle except for outdoor carrier. Package design is different from Mamachi premium bottles.

  • Mamachi is entirely made out of liquid silicone. Babies can safely use them as it is free from environmental hormone.
  • Mamachi delivers the coziness of a mother's breast as it potrays mother's breast.
  • Wide nipple base allow babies to comfortably drink from Mamachi bottle as they would while breast feeding.
  • High-ring of the nipple prevents adhesion of nipple and anti-colic function aids in digestion for safer feeding.
  • Liquid silicone has excellent heat and cold resistant which allows longer usage. It also allows various sterilizing methods such as boiling water, bottle sterilizer and more.

  • Volume : Small-160ml
  • Color : Pink,Blue, White,Green,Yellow
  • Size : Small-H:13cm.W:8.5cm(170g)
  • Composition : Bottle (Small), Indoor Cover,Nipple (1-Hole)

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