Maymom 19 mm Inserts For Medela Harmony Manual Hand Pump, Freestyle, Swing-Maxi Pumps;Comfort Breast Cushion & Insert;Reduce Medela 24mm Personal Fit Breastshild Down to 19mm

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This silicone insert can reduce the inner diameter of the following breastshields down to 19 mm. Suitable for mothers with nipple diameters 15-18 mm AFTER a pumping session,

Medela PersonalFit 24 mm shields that come with Medela Harmony, Freestyle, Sonata and Swing-maxi pumps.

Medela one-piece 24 mm breastshield

Maymom one-piece 24 mm breastshield

speCtra one-piece 24/25 mm flange

Ameda 25 mm flange

Silicone insert with cushion chamber, ID 19 mm x2


About the product
  • Unique solution for mother with nipple diameter 16-18 mm AFTER a pump session to use popular pumps like Medela Harmony, Freestyle, Sonata, Maxi
  • NOTE: this product is not for every mother. It is for mothers with nipple diameter 16-18 mm AFTER a pump session. You must also have the mentioned breastshields/flanges to use with this product.
  • 2x silicone cusion and insert to reduce 24/25 mm ID flanges/breastshields down to 19 mm
  • BPA free, DEHP free; silicone material; can be clean in boiling water, steamer

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