Maymom Medium Stem Backflow Protector For Cimilre/Spectra, 2Pk

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Long Stem Maymom Backflow Protector to fit between Medela Breastshield (flange) or Medela PersonalFit connector or Maymom flange and Spectra S1, Spectra S2 spectra 9 pump.

Benefits and Features:

  • Replaces Spectra backflow protector and Maymom's spectra yellow adapter
  • Allows spectra pumps and other pumps on the market to remain a closed system
  • Connect with regular Cimilre flange or Cimilre Hands Free kit.

Note: This backflow protector can't connect to Spectra original flanges that use a backflow protector. Please buy from ASIN B01BREQFME for this purpose

This part functions as "Maymom's yellow adapter for spectra pumps"+"Original Spectra Backflow Protector".

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